◎A Picture Storybook—Buddhist Art Booklet Series

  This is a series of storybooks that is meant for easy reading, so the readers can easily enter the world of Buddhist art. With its beautiful illustrations and simple descriptions, it will take the readers on a journey to better understand the Buddha, the disciples, the imageries, the stupas, the pagodas, the sutras and the Buddhist rituals.

◎To request the Buddhist Art Booklet Series, please contact the following Fo Guang Shan branch temples for further details:

◎ Fo Guang Shan Malaysia
  Tel:60-3-3191 Fax:60-3-3191-1467

Fo Guang Shan Hong Kong 
  Tel:85-2-2715-7933 Fax:85-2-2761-0607

Hsi Lai Temple 
  Tel:1-626-961-9697 Fax:1-626-369-1944

◎ I.B.P.S.London 
  Tel:44-207-636-8394 Fax:44-207-580-6220

Nan Tien Temple(I.B.A.A.) 
  Tel:61-2-4272-0600 Fax:61-2-4272-0601

◎Nan Hua Temple(I.B.A.S.A.) 
  Tel:27-13-931-0009 Fax:27-13-931-0013


•Publisher:Fo Guang Shan Foundation for Buddhist Culture & Education
•Printed by:Fo Guang Shan Board of Directors
•General Editor:Encyclopedia of Buddhist Arts Editorial Committee
•TEL:886-7-656-1921 Ext. 1441~1443