New Year Festival of Light and Peace

The Theme of Fo Guang Shan's 2018 New Year Festival of Light and Peace

To herald the Year of the Dog, the “Fo Guang Shan 2018 New Year Festival of Light and Peace” will be held from February 16th to March 16th. This month-long festival will take the theme of Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s New Year Spring Couplet, “A Family Legacy of Loyalty and Honor”, with the hope of sharing the spirit of loyalty and honor.

Holding true to the event theme of “cultivation of merit through faith, creation of a legacy of wisdom, ushering in the future with creativity, and purification of mind through arts and culture”, we welcome devotees and public alike to experience the peace, warmth, and motivational energy of the New Year Festival of Light and Peace.

The Significance of the New Year Festival of Light and Peace

Every Chinese New Year, Fo Guang Shan hosts the New Year Festival of Light and Peace as well as the Light Offering Dharma Service, while its branch temples around the world host the latter, all in hopes of providing all the opportunity to light up their own light of compassion and wisdom. Fo Guang Shan’s founder, Venerable Master Hsing Yun explains that one should “Use wisdom to dignify one’s place of practice”. Fo Guang Shan’s New Year Festival of Light and Peace unifies the wisdom and strength of all its devotees, monastic community, and Buddhist College students to, using traditional lantern making techniques, create Peace Lanterns that radiate a sense of religious blessing. Festival goers may experience the peaceful and serene ambiance as they make light offerings.

Venerable Master also says, “Even though a person may lack material belongings, as long as one has compassion, and wisdom, one will lead a life of abundance.”

Buddhism’s light and peace lantern offering represents the light that provides energizing and illuminating warmth. Hence on the first day of the first lunar month of every year, we have peace lanterns, while for all other days, we have full moon lights. Some parents offer lanterns on their children’s behalf in the hope that they will be blessed with intelligence and loveliness. Some children offer lanterns on their parent’s behalf, praying that they will be blessed with health. Some people offer lanterns for themselves hoping for a better future. There are also those who offer lanterns for the wish of world peace and happiness for humanity.

The Venerable Master once said, ‘the Buddha is like the light that can overcome darkness, the light that can provide warmth, and the light that ripens. Similarly, the Buddha’s light can eliminate one’s afflictions of greed, anger and ignorance, which have inevitably darkened the mind. It can warm our hearts and bring about our success in lives and in our future; and fulfil our character and virtuous merits.’ Ultimately, through the offering of light, we wish to bring light and peace upon the world, so that nations may peacefully coexist, and all ethnicities live harmoniously together.

Events Schedule

Headline Events

"Lights of Wisdom" 3D Projection Mapping Display and Lantern Parade

Buddha Museum Grand Photo Terrace→Fo Guang Boulevard→Main Shrine (participate in the Light Offering Blessing Service)

Stamp Collection/Fo Guang GO APP Stamp Collection

Fo Guang Shan Monastery /
Buddha Museum /
Sutra Repository

Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s One-stroke Calligraphy Exhibition

Sutra Repository Exhibition Hall

The Three Acts of Goodness Parade

Fuhui Home for Spiritual Cultivation→Fo Guang Boulevard

Hebei Acrobatic Shows

Great Enlightenment Auditorium

Buddhist New Year Blessings

Incense Offering

Main Shrine

Light Offering Dharma Service

Main Shrine

Tour of the Shrines

Fo Guang Shan Monastery /
Buddha Museum /
Sutra Repository

Blessing Bell of Peace

Main Shrine

Blessing Bell of Peace

Bell Tower

New Year’s Homage to the Thousand Buddhas Dharma Service

Main Shrine

New Year Prayer Ceremony

Jade Buddha Shrine

Great Compassion Repentance Service

Great Compassion Shrine

New Year’s Eve Pilgrimage

Non-duality Gate→Main Shrine


Non-duality Gate→Main Shrine


Buddha Museum Path to the Buddhahood

Buddhist Chanting

Amitabha Chanting Hall

Sutra Calligraphy

Sutra Calligraphy Hall

Sutra Calligraphy

Big Buddha Terrace

Sutra Calligraphy

Sutra Repository Exhibition Hall

Tea Chan

Twin Pavilions Tea House 2F & 3F

Lantern Quiz

Grand Photo Terrace

Lantern Displays

A Family Legacy of Loyalty and Honor

Fo Guang Boulevard

Bravo@Fo Guang Shan

Fo Guang Boulevard

Transforming Delusion into Enlightenment

Fo Guang Boulevard

To See the Universe as a Thought

Fo Guang Boulevard

The Four Great Bodhisattvas

Fo Guang Boulevard

The Eight Deeds of the Buddha

Fo Guang Boulevard

Song of the Ten Practices and Cultivations

Fo Guang Boulevard

Art Exhibitions

A Lifestyle of Chopsticks - Chinese Chopsticks Exhibition by Lushun Museum

Main Hall Gallery 1

Colorful Yunnan - Costumes of Ethnic Minorities in Yunnan

Main Hall Gallery 2

Where the Dream Begins Creating the World - Exhibition of Comics of Chinese Creation Myths

Main Hall Gallery 3

80 Years of Taiyang . Reaching for New Heights

Main Hall Gallery 4

Colorful Yunnan - Handicrafts of Ethnic Minorities in Yunnan

Front Hall 2F

Intangible Cultural Heritage of Finger Artifacts- Exhibition of Shanghai Artifacts

Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery

The Exhibition of Futain Wood Carving - an Inherited Artistry

Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery

3D Rock Art Exhibition

Dharma Gem Square (South Corridor)

The Exhibition of Chinese Phoebe zhennan Wood Carving Artwork

Dharma Gem Square (North Corridor)

2018 Fo Guang Shan’s New Year Bonsai Exhibition

Dharma Gem Square Outdoor Stage


Colorful Yunnan - Dances of Ethnic Minorities in Yunnan

Grand Photo Terrace

Storytelling Under the Big Tree

Buddha Museum Rhino Area

A Melting Pot of Artists: New Year’s Celebrations at the Dharma Gem Square

Dharma Gem Square Outdoor Stage

Street Performances Saxophone, Electric Piano, Jazz Drums, Clowns & Balloons, Orchestra Ensemble, Living Statues, Country Music, Fire Dance, Electric Guitar

Information Tower, Buddha Museum Bus Stop, Fo Guang Boulevard (Tea Pavilion, area in front of Shopping Center, outside 32 Vegetarian Restaurant, Dharma Gem Square Pond)

“Song of the Ten Practices and Cultivations” Song and Dialogue

Fo Guang Boulevard Song and Dialogue Area

Vegetarian Cuisine

Fo Guang Boulevard Fair

Fo Guang Boulevard

Creative Light Meals

Shopping Center Water Drop Cafeteria

Chinese & Western Vegetarian Cuisine

Dharma Transmission Building Tea House / Serenity Waterdrop Tea House

Art Gallery Tea House

Light Meals

Three Acts of Goodness Tea House

Healthy Vegetarian Food

Front Hall Waterdrop Tea House

Healthy Vegetarian Food

Front Hall 2F Buffet

Local Taiwanese food

Liberation Snack Bar

Twin Pavilions Waterdrop Tea House

Fo Guang Noddles and Auspicious Rice

Camphor Grove Waterdrop Tea House

Healthy Vegetarian Food

Fo Guang Building Waterdrop Tea House

Fo Guang Tea

Fo Guang Boulevard Tea Pavilion

Peace Congee

Devotees Building

Camphor Grove Tea House


Public Transport
Driving Directions

Note for Visitors

Terms of Entry
  1. Dangerous behavior that disturbs, violates or jeopardizes the safety of others, is strictly forbidden.
  2. Shuttles connecting Fo Guang Shan Monastery and Buddha Museum are available for both the handicapped and seniors over the age of 65.
  3. Free parking is available at the Information Tower Carpark, Incense Garden Carpark, and Tongling Community Carpark.
  4. Wheelchairs are available for loan at the Fo Guang Shan Monastery Reception Center, Pilgrim’s Path and Information Tower, as well as the Front and Main Halls of the Buddha Museum, where strollers are also available for loan.
  5. Smoking is prohibited. Alcohol, non-vegetarian foods, and betel nuts are not to enter the grounds. Pets (with the exception of guide dogs), bikes, dangerous objects, skateboards, roller skates, tricycles, and billboard leaflets are not allowed in the area. There are numerous recycling depots around the premises, please make use of them.
  6. Paragliders, radio-controlled airplanes, kites or other flying objects are NOT allowed.
  7. Unless with prior permission, photography and video recordings for commercial purposes are prohibited.
  8. Lost property can be reported/submitted to the various Reception Centers.
  9. Missing persons can be reported to Fo Guang Shan Monastery Reception Center, Buddha Museum Front Hall, and the various reception desks within the premises. Unfortunately, PA announcements are not available.
  10. In the event of injury or serious illness, please contact the nearest staff to call for medical assistance.

Buddha Museum Main Hall Terms of Entry

  1. For safety reasons please refrain from touching the glass, climbing the railings, and mounting the exhibits.
  2. Please do not damage or take away any exhibits.
  3. Please turn off the camera flash lights when taking pictures. Video recording is strictly prohibited.
Fo Guang Shan’s New Years Opening Times

Fo Guang Shan

  • 2/16-3/16
    Daily 08:00-22:00

Fo Guang Shan
Sutra Repository

  • 2/16-3/4
    Daily 08:00-20:00
  • After 3/5,
    Weekdays 08:30-17:00,
    Weekends 08:00-20:00

Fo Guang Shan
Dharma Gem Square

  • 2/16-3/4
    Daily 08:00-21:00
  • 3/5-3/18
    Weekdays 08:00-19:00
    Weekends 08:00-21:00

Fo Guang Shan
Buddha Museum

  • 2/15(Chinese New Year’s Eve) 09:00~13:00
  • 2/16~2/20
    Daily 08:00~22:00
  • 2/21~3/4
    Daily 09:00~21:00
  • 3/5~3/16
    Daily 09:00~20:00