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C: International Youth Seminar on Life and Chán (3 days)

After a day to readjust to the usual monastic schedule upon leaving the meditation retreat, participants will join in a larger program, the International Youth Seminar on Life and Chán. Approximately 1000 youths will attend the Seminar from around the globe, with the majority from Taiwan, Hong Kong / Macau, and China. This change of pace will provide Retreat participants a fresh view on how Buddhism is practiced in East Asia among the younger generation and to make personal connections with these young people from around the world. The fusion of stillness and movement in practicing and sharing the teachings are part-and-parcel of Humanistic Buddhism, the socially-engaged mode of Buddhism which Fo Guang Shan members aspire to follow. Humanistic Buddhism reflects the compassionate and altruistic intents of the Buddha to bring peace and happiness to all in their present lives.