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1. If we wait until June 15th to know whether we were accepted or not, there will be little time left to plan the trip. Can notifications of admission be sent earlier, so that I can apply for a visa and/or book a plane ticket?

A: If you submit your registration form letter as soon as possible, then the organizer can process it and send out the acceptance notifications well ahead of time.

2. Is the organizer sponsoring airfare to Taiwan?

A: Throughout the duration of the seminar, food and accommodation, seminar fees, transportation, and tour expenses will be sponsored by the organizer. The organizer will not be sponsoring airfare. We will provide pickup services from Kaohsiung International Airport or High Speed Rail Zuoying Station to Fo Guang Shan.

3. What is the official language for the seminar?

A: The entire seminar will be conducted in both Mandarin Chinese and English with interpretations to/from either languages provided.

4. Can I still apply if I can only attend parts of the seminar due to personal reasons?

A: Due to limited spots, only those who can attend the entire seminar week, or entire two weeks will be accepted.

5. Who will be eligible to also attend the meditation retreat?

A: Those who can attend the entire Seminar Week and are willing to observe rules and regulations inside the Meditation Hall are welcome to apply. Spots are limited, therefore applicants will be accepted in order of application.

6. Why do I have to pay $US100 in advance? How do I know if I have been accepted for the meditation retreat?

A: The $US100 is a deposit to ensure commitment to the entire Seminar. It will be fully refunded upon full and satisfactory attendance of the whole event.Successful applicants for the meditation retreat will receive an acceptance notice via email after June 15th.

7. If I apply for the meditation retreat but do not get accepted, can I still attend the Seminar Week?

A: Yes, you can still attend the Seminar Week if you fulfill all criteria listed.

8. Can I apply if I am outside the age limit and am no longer a university/college student?

A: No, spots will be reserved for university/college students who fit the age limit.