With over two thousand disciples from around the world and over a million devotees around the world, Venerable Master has spread the teachings far and wide. His Dharma heirs, numbering more than a hundred, come from provinces across China, as well as Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia. These Dharma heirs include Venerable Longxiang (President of Nanjing Buddhist Association), Venerable Zhenguang (President of Baoding Buddhist Association), Venerable Daoji (President of Jinzhou Buddhist Association), and Venerable Daojian (Standing Executive Board Member of the Buddhist Association of China). In 1991, Buddha’s Light International Association (BLIA) was established and he was elected president of the World Headquarters. To this day, over 170 chapters have been established over the five continents, making it the largest Chinese organization around the world; allowing “the Buddha’s Light shining over three thousand realms, and the Dharma water flowing continuously through the five continents.”

  BLIA General Conferences have successively been held in Los Angeles, Toronto, Sydney, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and other major cities around the world, drawing attendances of over 5,000 delegates each time. In 2003, BLIA was officially granted Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) association status by the United Nations. Throughout the years, the themes include: Joy and Harmony; Oneness and Coexistence; Respect and Tolerance; Peace and Equality; Nature and Life; Wholeness and Freeness; One Truth For All; To Resolve and To Develop; Self-awareness and Practicing the Buddha’s way; Change the World and Benefit Humanity; Bodhisattva and Volunteer; Environmental and Spiritual Preservation; Happiness and Peace; and Future and Hope. All of these advocate the philosophy of “the global citizen,” in order for it to become the direction of modern thinking as well as the value that is universally pursued by all.

  Starting in 1978, due to his work in the areas of culture, education, and humanity, Venerable Master has received honorary Ph.D.s from the University of Oriental Studies in the United States, the University of the West, Chulalongkorn Buddhist University in Thailand, the University Santo Tomas in Chile, Dongguk University in Korea, Mahamakut Buddhist University in Thailand, Griffith University in Australia, Fu Jen Catholic University in Taipei, Whittier College in the United States, National Sun Yat-sen University in Kaohsiung, Hong Kong University, Geumgang University in Korea, Macau University, National Chung Cheng University in Chiayi, Uiduk University in Korea, and National Pingtung University. In recent years, Venerable Master has also been awarded honorary professor by universities across China such as: Nanjing University, Beijing University, Xiamen University, Nanchang University, Yangzhou University, Shandong University, Wuhan University, Renmin University of China, Tongji University in Shanghai, Hunan University, Shanghai Normal University, Zhejiang University, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He has also received numerous awards from the Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Education. In 2000, President of the Republic of China presented him the “National Civic-Service Award.” In 2002, he was listed as the ten greatest leaders in educational undertakings. In 2005, he also received the President's Award “Bodhi Award of Culture.” These are all recognitions to Venerable Master’s contributions to the nation, society and Buddhism.

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