Additionally, he has also received countless awards internationally, which include:

1995: the Buddha Ratna Award from the members of All India Buddhist Conference
2000: During the 21st World Fellowship of Buddhists Conference, the Buddhist Great Contribution Award was conferred by the Prime Minister of Thailand, Chuan Leekpai to commend Venerable Master for his efforts towards Buddhism worldwide
2006: "Peace in Body and Mind Award" by Phoenix Satellite Television and Lifetime Achievement from Chinese Writers' Association and Award for Outstanding Achievement from the United States Republican Party's Asian Committee (in representation of President George W. Bush)
2007: the Contribution Award conferred by the Bayswater city government
2010: Lifetime Achievement Award of China’s first People of Chinese Culture
2013: Lifetime Achievement Award of Most Influential Chinese People, The Light of Chunghwa – Annual Mass Media Person of the Year Award, and Lifetime Achievement Award for Chinese Business Leaders.

  Venerable Master’s great and deep compassionate vow has created countless Buddhist events. In November of 1988, Hsi Lai Temple, which is the largest North American Buddhist temple, was inaugurated and an International Triple Platform Full Ordination Ceremony was held, becoming the first time for the transmission of full monastic ordination in a western country. At the same time, the Sixteenth World Fellowship of Buddhists Conference was held, marking the first time that cross-strait representatives attended a conference at the same time; it also marked Buddhism’s first exchange between cross-straits. In 1989, under the invitation of the Buddhist Association of China, the Dharma Propagation and Homecoming Tour Group visited China and met with the Chinese President Yang Shangkun and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Chairman Li Xiannian at the People's Congress Hall.

  In February of 1998, he presided over the International Triple Platform Full Ordination Ceremony held at Bodhgaya and multiple Five and Bodhisattva Precepts ceremonies for lay Buddhists; helping to revive the bhiksuni precepts of Southern Buddhism, which had been lost for over a thousand years. In April of the same year, Venerable Master led a group to escort the Buddha’s tooth relic to Taiwan from India through Thailand. In November 2004, he presided over the International Full Ordination Ceremony at Nan Tien Temple in Australia, which was also the first to be held in Australia and marked milestone in local Buddhist history.

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