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Two thousand five hundred years ago, the Buddha attained enlightenment under the bodhi tree. After that, the Buddha spoke of many ways to liberate from suffering to acquire happiness, also different practices in saving, consoling and giving relief. Ever since the ancient times, Buddhists have implemented the Buddha’s compassionate ways to “provide medicine for illness” and “relieve suffering for happiness.” They proactively engage in any acts that are helpful for all in body and mind, as well as organize charitable events, so that a pureland on earth could be realized.

Venerable Master Hsing Yun says, “Compassion is not momentary, it is a long lasting resolve.” Charitable works need to be continual and persistent. Following the Buddha’s spirit of “Cultivating loving-kindness without conditions and ground compassion in oneness,” and with support from the ten directions, and the goal of relieving sufferings of the many, Fo Guang Shan will relentlessly continue to benefit humanity.