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Buddhism has propagated in China for more than two thousand years. Not only has it become unified religiously but also in the populace and their daily living. It has influenced the meanings and usage of Chinese words, architecture, carving, tea making, painting, music, dance, literatures, and drama. They have inevitably become common trends of Chinese cultures, education in society, and philosophical ideas. Even more so, there remained many remarkable and outstanding artistic representations.

The literatures, media publications, music and arts creations and cultural activities of Fo Guang Shan have already become a way of Dharma propagation. These initiatives and innovations, in the long running history, are examples of taking on the responsibilities of the Buddha, as well as promoting the Buddha’s teachings as our purpose in life. The achievements and benefits that are shared among the many definitely have gone beyond one small area. It has embraced all sentient beings in the ten directions. The impact and influences of the propagation of the Buddha’s teachings are deep and broad. No matter how far one is, there will be Buddhism.

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