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Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery

Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery is situated directly behind the Main Shrine. Going past the wall plaques depicting famous Buddhist practitioners, one can see the graceful traditional Chinese calligraphy and pictures depicting classical Buddhist verses, scenes of compassionate acts, images of great Buddhist Patriarchs, and other Buddhis artwork carved on lustrous, black granite.

Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery was established in December 1991, and first held the Dunhuang caves exhibition, which lasted for three months, after which a cultural exchange was started between Taiwan and Mainland China. The name Fo Guang Shan Art Gallery was first chosen in October 1992, and then the name Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery was officially adopted on May 5th 1996.

Containing exhibitions from both the spheres of Buddhism and the arts, the items on display are not restricted to religion, origin, ethnic group or nationality. Its emphasis is on art as education, by using the beauty of the visual arts and sculpture to raise people's spiritual and aesthetic values. The Hall covers about 2000 square meters. It houses mainly modern works that are on display for two to three months for educational purposes.

Designed within the gallery is a Waterdrop Teahouse, the name of which is taken from the saying: “A drop of gratitude is repaid with a gushing fountain.” Venerable Master Hsing Yun hopes to encourage all those who visit Fo Guang Shan to cherish and be grateful for both other people and things within our lives. We also hope that all our visitors can have a comfortable and friendly place to sit down, have a cup of tea, and contemplate the beauty of art and literature.