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Sutra Calligraphy Hall

The Sutra Calligraphy Hall was specially built in 1994 by the founder of Fo Guang Shan, Venerable Master Hsing Yun, in order to let devotees increase their wisdom, for the purpose of cultivating character and mind.

The Sutra Calligraphy Hall with its classical Chinese architecture can hold up to seventy people. It is located to the left of the Main Shrine in the West Pure Land Building. The windows on the right of the Sutra Calligraphy Hall look out upon the Way to Buddhahood, and outside the windows to the left is an historical bamboo forest park. The lower floor is a hall used to invite precept instructors , teach and pass on the precepts, and listen to Dharma teachings.

As the sutras state: “Of all offerings, the offering of the Dharma is supreme.” One can purify the mind and develop character from the practice of alligrapgy, letting one's body and mind become righteous and true. This tradition is a creation and strong feature of Chinese Buddhism. The sutras also state: “From transcribing the sutras one is able to accomplish great goals.” When transcribing the sutras, one writes each stroke, each letter, each word and each sentence with a heart of utmost sincerity. With full commitment of body and mind, and total concentration, one enters into a state of single mindedness.

The Sutra Calligraphy Hall is open to the public daily, and apart from devotees who come and transcribe the sutras, it is also open for schools and other organizations to come and arrange activities. It is certainly a center for both spiritual cultivation and education.