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  • Great Practice shrine
Pilgrims Lodge

The Pilgrims Lodge is Fo Guang shan’s guest accommodation, which was completed and open for use on March 16th, 1974. Its external design is a blend of Chinese and Indian styles, and the interior is replete with modern facilties to give people convenience and joy. It caters for the dining and accommodation needs of devotees.

Divided into an upper and lower level, the lower floor contains not only dining areas for one thousand guests, but also two meeting rooms, that may be used by organizations for meetings or conventions. The upper floor has 50 suites, divided into separate wings named Wisdom, Light, Bodhi, Love & Compassion, and so forth. There are also larger shared rooms, which can house 500 guests.

There is a verse, “The steam’s sound is the Buddha’s long, broad tongue, the mountains are nothing but his pure body”, as well as descriptions in the Amitabha Sutra of how the majestic buildings and architecture in the Western Land of Ultimate Bliss, and the water, birds, flowers and grass all teach the Dharma. At the Pilgrims Lodge, the daily life from eating and dressing, to walking and standing, also teach the Dharma to visiting devotees. We hope that everyone may stay and eat here with a happy heart. But apart from that, we hope they can also get spiritual satiation from meditation and the taste of the Dharma!